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Lesson Worksheet: Experimental Probability Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice interpreting a data set by finding and evaluating the experimental probability.


The table shows the results of a survey that asked 20 students about their favorite breakfast.

Number of Students 10 2 8

What is the probability that a randomly selected student prefers eggs?

  • A25
  • B310
  • C15
  • D110
  • E12


A light bulb manufacturer examined a sample of 1,000 light bulbs from their production. Using the table which shows the results for this sample, calculate the experimental probability that a light bulb fails after less than 150 hours of use.

𝐻 (Hours of Use)𝐻<150150𝐻<400400𝐻<1,000𝐻1,000
Number of Lamps 150 320 270 260
  • A320
  • B27100
  • C825
  • D47100
  • E1720


A survey of 92 people found that 55 people support Team A, 30 people support Team B, and 7 people support neither. What is the probability that a person supports Team A?

  • A5582
  • B792
  • C5592
  • D1546
  • E55102


The graph shows the results of an experiment in which a die was rolled 26 times. Find the experimental probability of rolling a 2. Give your answer as a fraction in its simplest form.

  • A413
  • B16
  • C15
  • D13
  • E120


The table shows the music preferences of a group of men and women.

Calculate the relative frequency of a randomly selected person being a woman who prefers country music. If necessary, round your answer to 3 decimal places.

Calculate the relative frequency of a randomly selected woman preferring rock music. If necessary, round your answer to 3 decimal places.


A number cube is rolled 127 times. The results are recorded in the following table. What is the experimental probability of rolling a number greater than 4?

Occurrences 21 21 14 29 15 27
  • A42127
  • B21127
  • C71127
  • D56127
  • E29127


The experimental probability that a coin lands on heads is 47. If the coin landed on tails 30 times, how many times was it tossed in the experiment?


Isabella creates a three-sided spinner using the colors red, green, and blue. She spins the spinner and records the following results:

{red, blue, red, green, green, green, red, red, red, green}.

Calculate the experimental probability of spinning green on this spinner.

  • A110
  • B25
  • C12
  • D15
  • E45


A store receives a box of apples from an orchard. A worker inspects a sample of 54 apples from the box. Of these apples, 6 are spoiled. Use this data to estimate the probability that an apple received from the orchard is spoiled.

  • A113
  • B16
  • C154
  • D19
  • E29


In probability, what is an experiment defined as?

  • Athe set of all possible outcomes of an activity
  • Ba repeatable process, or activity, with a number of possible outcomes
  • Ca collection of one or more possible outcomes from an activity, which can be described as having certain characteristics

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