Worksheet: Word Problems: Multiplication and Division

In this worksheet, we will practice solving one- and two-step problems where one of the steps involves multiplying or dividing numbers within the times tables up to 10×10.


Benjamin orders 5 pizzas for a party. They cut each pizza into the same number of slices, and they have 40 slices altogether.

Write a number sentence that shows how many slices they cut one pizza into.

  • A40÷5=8
  • B40+5=45
  • C405=35
  • D40×5=45


There are 81 students in a class. They sit in rows, and each row has 9 students. Choose the expression which tells you how many rows there are.

  • A(9+81) rows
  • B(81÷9) rows
  • C(9×81) rows
  • D(819) rows


The price of one kilogram of oranges is 8 pounds. What is the price of ten kilograms?


Students go to school for 4 days a week. Given that school vacation will start in eight weeks, how many school days are left before the vacation starts?


The desks in a classroom are arranged in 3 lines. If there are 8 desks in each line, how many desks are in the classroom?


In a hospital, each room has 2 beds. How many beds are there in 9 rooms?


Noah has 8 cylindrical blocks that he is going to stack on top of each other. Each block is 7 inches tall.

Which equation do you need to solve to find the height of the tower?

  • A8×7=
  • B8+7=
  • C8÷7=
  • D8×=8

How high will the tower be?


Charlotte needs 2 feet of fabric to make a pair of fairy wings for a costume. She needs to make 9 pairs of wings. How much fabric should she buy?


If there are 3 pieces of cheese in a box, how many pieces are there in 7 boxes?


Noah organized the magnets on his refrigerator into 5 rows. There are 8 magnets in each row. How many magnets are on his refrigerator?


Given that a flower has 3 petals, how many petals do 5 flowers have?


There are 30 students in a classroom. They sit in 5 rows.

Noah writes this equation to find out how many children are in each row.

Which symbol is missing from her equation?

  • A
  • B×
  • C+
  • D÷

How many children are in each row?


A boy has 7 boxes of fish and a girl has 1 box of fish. Each box has 10 fish. How many fish do they have together?


The figure below contains 4 small squares. How many small squares are in 8 copies of the figure?


A father bought 2 books for his daughter. If the price of each book is 3pounds, how much did he spend?


A girl is putting candles into seven rows where each row has 5 candles. If she has placed 5 candles, how many are left to place?


A box of colored pens has 3 pens. How many pens are there in 9 boxes?


Victoria buys 8 books. Each book costs $7.

Mason buys 7 puzzles. Each puzzle costs $8.

Use the model to figure out how much Victoria spent.

  • A$15
  • B$56
  • C$87
  • D$78

Did Mason spend more, less, or the same amount?

Top Tip: Draw a model if you need to.

  • Aless
  • Bthe same
  • Cmore


Each monster has 6 eyes.

How many eyes do 8 monsters have?


A person bought a selection of books to give to 6 members of his family. If each member received 2 books, how many books did he buy?


The students in the class are working on a project. They are working in 7 groups of 3. How many students are there?


A man works 8 hours a day. In one week he had one day off, how many hours did he work that week?


James has 42 stickers. He arranges them in his sticker book in 7 rows. How many columns are there?


A school has 9 student activities, each one includes 9 students. How many students participate in the activities?


There are 44 children in a room. Each group of 4 children is sitting around a table. How many tables are there?

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