Lesson Worksheet: Choosing Seconds, Minutes, or Hours Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice how to measure how long an activity takes in seconds, minutes, or hours and how to decide which of these units is most appropriate.


It takes me about 2 to put on my suit.

  • Aminutes
  • Bhours


Pick the most sensible unit of time to finish the sentence. I spent 2 in the movie theater watching a movie.

  • Ahours
  • Bminutes


Which of the following would be the best estimate for the amount of time it would take to climb a flight of stairs?

  • A30 minutes
  • B30 hours
  • C30 seconds
  • D30 weeks
  • E30 days


Which of the following units is most suitable to describe how long it takes to write your name?

  • Ahours
  • Bseconds
  • Cdays
  • Dweeks


David can stay under the water for 1 .

  • Aminute
  • Bhour


At night, I usually sleep between 6 and 9 .

  • Aminutes
  • Bhours


Fill in the blank: It takes me about 15 to do my math homework.

  • Ahours
  • Bminutes


Which of the following is a sensible estimate for the length of a pop song?

  • A3 minutes
  • B3 days
  • C3 weeks
  • D3 seconds
  • E3 hours


Which of the following is the best estimate for the amount of time it takes to brush your teeth?

  • A30 minutes
  • B1 hour
  • C2 minutes
  • D2 hours
  • E15 minutes


It takes about one to climb two flights of stairs.

  • Ahour
  • Bminute

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