Worksheet: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

In this worksheet, we will practice multiplying and dividing fractions with like and unlike denominators, including proper, improper, and mixed fractions.


Michael first eats one-quarter of a cake. After a while, he eats half of the rest of the cake. How much of the cake is left uneaten?

  • A34
  • B23
  • C38
  • D12


Calculate 45÷34.

  • A135
  • B1115
  • C1516
  • D415


Find the result of 12×13.

  • A25
  • B15
  • C16
  • D23


Work out 313÷212.

  • A113
  • B115
  • C525
  • D616


Work out 114×123.

  • A127
  • B116
  • C227
  • D2112

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