Worksheet: Rounding to the Nearest Hundred

In this worksheet, we will practice rounding whole numbers within 1000 to the nearest hundred by identifying the hundreds numbers it is between on a number line.


Which of the following cherry models represent 647 to the nearest hundred?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


When we round to the nearest hundred, we underline the hundreds digit and then we check the tens digit. The tens digit tells us whether to round up or down.

Now, we want to round the number 763. Which digit do we underline?

Which digit do we check?

What is the result of the rounding?


William has 456 marbles. We want to round this number to the nearest hundred.

Complete: The number 456 is between and .

  • A400, 500
  • B200, 300
  • C300, 400
  • D500, 600

How many marbles does William have, to the nearest hundred?

  • A400
  • B500
  • C600
  • D300


A farm contains 254 cows. Round the number of cows in the farm to the nearest hundred.


Liam read a book of 726 pages. How many pages did he read, rounded to the nearest hundred?


Benjamin, Olivia, and Daniel are playing a video game. This table shows their scores.


This place value block represents the score of a player. Who is this player?

  • ABenjamin
  • BOlivia
  • CDaniel

What is the score of that player to the nearest hundred?


Which of the following numbers rounds to 100 when rounded to the nearest hundred?

  • A161
  • B176
  • C156
  • D78


A sporting goods store has the items shown for sale.

Round the price of the ice skates to the nearest hundred dollars.

Round the price of the motorcycle to the nearest hundred dollars.

Round the price of the bicycle to the nearest hundred dollars.


Isabella has 345 dollars. How much money does she have to the nearest hundred of dollars?


Daniel has 236 marbles and Anthony has 250 marbles.

How many marbles does Daniel have, rounded to the nearest hundred?

How many marbles does Anthony have, rounded to the nearest hundred?

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