Lesson Worksheet: Counting Ascendingly to Add Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice using counting ascendingly to add one-digit numbers.


Abeer puts 8 toys in her bucket. Then, she adds 2 more. How many does she have now?


Complete the missing values in the figure below from the left to the right.

  • A5, 6, 8
  • B6, 7, 9
  • C6, 7, 8


I have a strange set of dominos. The dots on one side are hidden by a sticker. The sticker tells you how many dots are hiding under it.

What is the total number of dots on this domino?


On Monday, Samar reads 6 chapters of her new book.

On Tuesday, Samar reads another 4 chapters.

How many chapters does Samar read altogether?


Adel is counting airplanes at the airport.

He sees 4 airplanes and then another 5 airplanes.

By counting on, how many airplanes does Adel count in total?


Maryam has 3 cubes.

If Maryam wants to add these 2 cubes by counting on, how many cubes in all will she have?


In a spelling test, Omar spelled 4 words correctly.

He got 4 spellings wrong.

How many words were in the test altogether?


Ali is 4 years old. He counts on his fingers to find how old he will be 3 years later.

How old will Ali be after 3 years?


To find 5 plus 4, we can start at 5 and count on 4.

Finish counting forward to find the answer to 5 plus 4.


Mona wants to find the answer to 5+3 by starting with the number 5 and counting on 3 more.

She counts the numbers 5, 6, 7 and says, “The answer is 7.”

What mistake does Mona make?

  • AShe counts in the wrong direction.
  • BShe includes the number 5 when counting on 3.
  • CShe subtracts 3 from 5 instead of adding 5 to it.
  • DShe counts on too many numbers.

What is 5+3?

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