Worksheet: Multiplicative Comparison

In this worksheet, we will practice modeling multiplicative comparison problems with bar models and equations and solving the problems by multiplying and dividing numbers up to 100.


Find the missing number.

30 is 6 times greater than .


Sophia and Benjamin were picking strawberries. Benjamin picked 9 strawberries. Sophia picked 3 times as many strawberries as Benjamin.

Which array shows how many strawberries Sophia picked?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

Which multiplication equation describes how many strawberries she picked?

  • A24=3×8
  • B36=4×9
  • C12=3×9
  • D30=3×10
  • E27=3×9


Select the statement that matches the following equation: 72=9×8.

  • A72 is 8 times as many as 8.
  • B8 is 9 times as many as 72.
  • C72 is 9 times as many as 9.
  • D72 is 9 times as many as 8.
  • E9 is 72 times as many as 8.


Isabella has 8 balloons. Liam has 32 balloons.

Complete the equation ×8=32 to find how many times more balloons Liam has than Isabella.


Liam and Elizabeth are comparing their marble collections. Liam has 3 times as many marbles as Elizabeth and Elizabeth has 8 marbles.

Which array shows how many marbles Liam has?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


To train for a road race Noah cycled 9 miles every day for 7 days. Daniel entered the same race but only cycled 9 miles in total. How many times farther did Noah cycle compared to Daniel?


This rectangle is 2 times as long as it is wide.

Write a multiplication equation to describe this.

  • A2×4=8
  • B4×4=16
  • C2×2=4
  • D2×4=6
  • E4×4=8


Benjamin is building rectangles out of squares that are 1 cm wide.

The picture shows the first rectangle that he built.

This rectangle is 3 times as long as it is wide.

He writes the equation 3×1=3, which tells him that this rectangle is 3 cm long.

If he builds a rectangle that is 1 cm wide and 5 times as long as it is wide, what equation should he write to find its length?

  • A1×1×1×1×1=5
  • B5×3=8
  • C5×3=15
  • D5×1=6
  • E5×1=5

Next, he builds a rectangle that is 2 cm wide and 3 times as long as it is wide. How long is this new rectangle?


Chloe has a red ribbon and a blue ribbon. She finds that the blue ribbon is 6 cm long and that the red ribbon is 3 times as long as the blue ribbon.

Pick one way to model this problem.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

Write a multiplication equation for the length of the red ribbon.

  • A18=6×6
  • B9=3×3
  • C9=3×6
  • D18=3×6
  • E6=3×3


The table shows the scores that 4 students earned on a test.


Complete the statement: Matthew scored times as many points as David.

Who scored 3 times as many points as Liam?

  • ADaniel
  • BDavid
  • CMatthew


The table shows the scores that 4 children achieved while playing a game.


Complete the statement: Liam scored times as many points as Daniel.

Write a multiplication equation that shows how many times more points Jacob scored compared to Mason.

  • A21=42×2
  • B42=7×6
  • C42=21×2
  • D42=6×35
  • E6=42×7


Select the equation that matches the following statement: 56 is 8 times as many as 7.

  • A8=56×7
  • B56=8×7
  • C8=56+7
  • D7=56×8
  • E56=8+7


Find the missing number.

is 4 times greater than 7.


A red rectangle is 8 cm long. A blue rectangle is 3 times longer than the red rectangle. How long is the blue rectangle?


Chloe has 7 times as many gold stars as Sophia. Chloe has 35 gold stars. Find the missing number in the equation 7×=35 to see how many gold stars Sophia has.


Fill in the blank: When I multiply 12 by 15, the answer is 12 times than 15.

  • Aless
  • Bgreater


There are penguins, giraffes, and tigers in a zoo. There are 5 times more penguins than giraffes and there are 3 times as many giraffes as tigers.

There are 2 tigers.

How many giraffes are there?

How many penguins are there?


A pirate’s treasure chest contains gold coins, rubies, and diamonds. There are 6 times more gold coins than diamonds and there are 3 times as many diamonds as rubies.

There are 9 diamonds.

How many gold coins are there?

How many rubies are there?


Which of the following states the relationship between the numbers 90 and 9?

  • A90 is 10 less than 9.
  • B90 is 10 times as small as 9.
  • C90 is 10 times as large as 9.
  • D90 is 10 more than 9.


Find the missing number.

18 is times greater than 3.


Isabella and Scarlett were looking through photos from their summer vacation. Scarlett says, “You have taken 8 times as many as me.” How many photos did Scarlett take if Isabella took 8×9?


Elizabeth has 4 counters.

Daniel has 5 times as many as Elizabeth. How many does Daniel have?

Hint: Draw a model to help you.


Compare the bar models to find the missing number.

Sophia’s expression is times larger than Michael’s expression.


In the forest, there are 8 fairies. There are 4 times as many pixies as fairies. What calculation should we do to find the number of pixies?

  • Adivide 8 by 4
  • Bsubtract 4 from 8
  • Cmultiply 4 by 8
  • Dadd 4 and 8


The snake is 5 times as long as the caterpillar.

The caterpillar is 3 cubes long.

Pick the model that shows how long the snake is.

  • A
  • B
  • C

How many cubes long is the snake?

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