Worksheet: Uses of Electrolysis

In this worksheet, we will practice describing industrial conditions and applications for the electrolysis of molten salts and salt solutions.


Which of the following would be the best choice of starting material for the production of a large quantity of oxygen by electrolysis?

  • AMetal carbonates
  • BCarbon dioxide
  • CMetal sulfates
  • DMetal oxides
  • EMetal hydroxides


Which molten salt would produce sodium metal and chlorine gas when electrolyzed?

  • A N a B r
  • B M g C l 2
  • C N a F
  • D N a C l
  • E A l C l 3


Which one of the following molten salts would not produce sodium metal when electrolyzed?

  • A N a C l
  • B N a O 2
  • C N a B r
  • D M g C l 2
  • E N a F


Which molten salt would produce magnesium metal and bromine gas when electrolyzed?

  • A N a C l
  • B M g C l 2
  • C B a B r 2
  • D M g B r 2
  • E A l B r 3


Aluminum is commonly extracted by electrolysis of aluminum oxide ( A l O ) 2 3 . Before it can be electrolyzed, the aluminum oxide must be molten. However, aluminum oxide has a melting point of over 2 0 0 0 C , which is very expensive to maintain. What is added to lower the melting point of the aluminum oxide before electrolysis?

  • A Water
  • BBauxite
  • C Aluminum
  • DCryolite
  • E Iron oxide

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