Lesson Worksheet: Plant Behavior Science • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice investigating how plants change their behavior in response to their environment.


Plant roots usually grow downward, in the same direction as the force of gravity.

Underground tree root

What is this type of tropism called?

  • AGravitropism
  • BThigmotropism
  • CPhototropism


Fill in the blanks: Plant stems usually grow because of .

  • Adownward, gravitropism
  • Bdownward, phototropism
  • Cupward, hydrotropism
  • Dupward, gravitropism


When a lamp was put above a plant, the plant grew upward.

The lamp was then moved to the side of the plant.

Fill in the blank: The plant is .

  • Aresponding to the light source by growing away from it
  • Bresponding to the light source by growing toward it
  • Cnot responding to the light source


Plants respond to light sources by changing the direction that they grow in.

What is the name of this type of tropism?

  • AGravitropism
  • BHydrotropism
  • CThigmotropism
  • DPhototropism


Fill in the blank: The response of a plant to a change in its environment is called .

  • Aa tropism
  • Ba stimulus
  • Cphotosynthesis


When some plants come into contact with other objects, they respond by wrapping around them or holding onto them.

Tendril plant

What is this type of tropism called?

  • AHydrotropism
  • BGravitropism
  • CPhototropism
  • DThigmotropism


Fill in the blanks: A is a change in an organism’s environment that causes the organism to .

Green seedling growing on the ground in the rain
  • Atropism, respond
  • Btropism, survive
  • Cstimulus, respond


Mia and Jacob are talking about how living organisms respond to their environment. Who is correct?

  • AMia
  • BJacob


Fill in the blank: Plants need sunlight and water to survive. These are examples of that can cause plants to change the way they grow.

  • Atropisms
  • Bresponses
  • Cstimuli


A plant’s environment can often change, and this may cause a plant to change its behavior.

chrysanthemum flowers planted edited

What do we call this change in behavior?

  • AA response
  • BA stimulus

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