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Lesson Worksheet: Nutrients: Nutrition Labels Science

In this worksheet, we will practice interpreting a nutrition label so we can compare the ingredients and the percentage of daily food values for the nutrients in different foods.


Which picture represents 27%?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


A nutrition label for a box of cereal is shown.

Which column has the most calories?

  • APer 100 g
  • BPer serving
  • CPer box


Michael eats one serving of the food below and gets 15% of his carbohydrate intake for the day.

What percentage should he be aiming for every day?


Look at the food label below.

Which label is a unit of energy in food and drink?


Nutrition labels usually include details of the serving size.

Fill in the blank: Serving size is .

  • Athe total amount of food in the packet
  • B100 g of that food
  • Cthe typical portion size of that food
  • D280 g of that food


A nutrition label is shown.

Which label shows us how much of each nutrient is in one serving?

  • ALabel 1
  • BLabel 2
  • CLabel 3
  • DLabel 4


A nutrition label showing the percent daily value for each nutrient is shown.

Which nutrient has the lowest percent daily value?

  • AAdded sugars
  • BIron
  • CVitamin D
  • DPotassium

Which nutrient has the highest percent daily value?

  • ACalcium
  • BDietary fiber
  • CSodium
  • DSaturated fat


Sophia eats a breakfast bar every morning. She wonders about the ingredients in each of them and looks at the nutrition labels on the back.

Which ingredient is found in all three breakfast bars?

  • APecans
  • BOats
  • CHoney
  • DCoconut


The nutrition labels for three different kinds of cereal are shown.

Which cereal has the most protein?

  • ACereal A
  • BCereal B
  • CCereal C


A nutrition label for some brown bread is shown.

Which ingredient is not found in this brown bread?

  • AEmulsifier
  • BYeast
  • CAscorbic acid
  • DVinegar
  • ESpelt flour

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