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Lesson Worksheet: How Habitats Meet Needs Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing and explaining how habitats meet the needs of the plants and animals that live in them


A mouse lives in this meadow.

Summer forest meadow flowers landscape.

Fill in the blank: The meadow meets the needs of the mouse by providing .

  • Aair for carbon dioxide
  • Bgrass seeds to eat
  • Cclouds for shelter


Look at the needs provided by a habitat.

Pick the one both animals and plants need to survive.

  • AShelter
  • BCarbon dioxide
  • CNutrients


Fill in the blanks: The air in a habitat provides animals with and plants with .

  • Awater, nutrients
  • Bshelter, space
  • Coxygen, carbon dioxide


Why can a camel not live in a polar habitat?

Polar bear walks against a backdrop of snowy mountains.
  • AThere is not enough shelter.
  • BIt is too wet.
  • CIt is too cold.


Polar habitats are very cold with lots of snow and ice. The ice and snow are surrounded by waters where fish live.

A view to the landscape of antarctica.

Which animal is best suited to this type of habitat?

  • ALizards
  • BPenguins
  • CLions


The common rabbit needs grass to eat and soft dirt to burrow into. It does not survive well in extreme weather.

European rabbit or common rabbit.

Pick the habitat that is best suited to the common rabbit.

  • A
  • B
  • C


This pig is an example of an organism.

Pick the organism.

  • A
  • B
  • C

How do you know it is an organism?

  • AIt is alive.
  • BIt is dead.
  • CIt is nonliving.


This mouse is thirsty, hungry, and about to be caught by an owl.

Little owl hunting a field mouse

In this scenario, which need is the most important and should be met first?

  • AShelter
  • BWater
  • CFood


These habitats are of different sizes.

Which of the following correctly orders these habitats from smallest to largest?

  • APond, under a rock, desert
  • BDesert, pond, under a rock
  • CUnder a rock, pond, desert


Anthony is exploring a woodland habitat. He takes a photograph and writes a description of the woodland habitat:

The woodland is a habitat because it is a place where organisms like animals and plants make their homes. The animals I spotted in the woodland were a fox, a squirrel, a mouse, and a bird. I also saw plants, including lots of tall trees and small bushes. The ground was muddy and there were some big puddles. I looked under some rocks and saw some insects underneath. The animals and plants I saw all rely on the woodland habitat for their shelter, water, food, and space. The woodland habitat meets all of their needs so that they can survive.

What does the woodland provide that helps the fox survive?

  • AShelter
  • BSpace
  • CFood
  • DAll of the answers are correct.

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