Lesson Worksheet: Banks Economics

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying the role of banks in the economy and the functions served by different types of banks.


Put the following activities in order as associated with central, commercial, investment, and specialized banks respectively:

  1. Receiving deposits and granting loans
  2. Issuing banknotes
  3. Managing transactions of bonds and stocks
  4. Granting loans to agricultural businesses
  • AI, II, III, IV
  • BII, III, IV, I
  • CIV, II, I, III
  • DII, III, I, IV
  • EII, I, III, IV


Which of the following types of banks has newly emerged in contemporary economies?

  • AThe universal bank
  • BThe central bank
  • CThe commercial bank
  • DThe specialized bank


Fill in the blank: As banknotes have replaced coins and precious metals as a method of payment for goods and services, is replacing banknotes in today’s economy by using commercial banks as financial intermediaries.

  • Adigital money
  • Bcommodity money
  • Csmart card
  • De-money
  • Ecredit money

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