Worksheet: Volume of a Prism

In this worksheet, we will practice finding volumes of cuboids, then composite solids made of cuboids, and then prisms.


Maged made a cardboard house at school. The lower part of the house is a rectangular prism and the upper part a triangular prism. Find the volume of the house.


Each of these rectangular prisms is made up of unit cubes. Which has a volume of 30 cubic units?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


How many cubes with a side length of 1 2 does it take to fill the given prism?


Work out the volume of the right triangular prism shown.


The solid shown is a rectangular prism with a triangular prism cut out along its length. Work out the volume of the solid.

  • A198 unit3
  • B210 unit3
  • C126 unit3
  • D168 unit3
  • E84 unit3


Given that the volume of each small cube is 1 cubic unit, find the volume of this prism.


Given that each cube has a side length of 1 unit, find the volume of the given prism.

  • A60 cubic units
  • B48.6 cubic units
  • C63 cubic units
  • D64.8 cubic units
  • E66 cubic units


Shady and Nada are calculating the volume of a rectangular prism with length 18 m, height 11 m, width 4 m. Shady said that the volume is 792 m3, and Nada said it was 44 m3. Who is correct?

  • AShady
  • BNada


The solid shown is formed from two rectangular prisms. Work out the volume of the solid.

  • A880 unit 3
  • B720 unit 3
  • C 1 2 0 0 unit 3
  • D 1 0 4 0 unit 3
  • E800 unit 3


Work out the volume of the trapezoidal prism shown.

  • A56 unit 3
  • B96 unit 3
  • C108 unit 3
  • D48 unit 3
  • E140 unit 3


The solid shown is formed from a rectangular prism and a trapezoidal prism.

Compute the volume of this solid.

  • A336 unit3
  • B384 unit3
  • C288 unit3
  • D360 unit3
  • E324 unit3


The face of the prism shown is a regular hexagon with sides of length 2 units and an area of 10.39 units2.

Work out the volume of the prism.

Work out the surface area of the prism.

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