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Lesson Worksheet: Maps: Continents and Habitats Science

In this worksheet, we will practice naming the continents and locating the continents and some habitats on a map and globe.


What color is Europe on the map?

  • AGreen
  • BRed
  • CBlue
  • DOrange


Which number is pointing to a polar habitat?

  • ANumber 1
  • BNumber 3
  • CNumber 2
  • DNumber 4


What is the main habitat in Egypt?

  • ADesert habitat
  • BAgricultural land
  • CMountain habitat
  • DWater habitat


Which globe shows the continent of Australia?

  • AGlobe 1
  • BGlobe 3
  • CGlobe 4
  • DGlobe 2


What color are the oceans?

  • AWhite
  • BGreen
  • CBlue
  • DPurple


Which continent is X?

  • AAfrica
  • BAustralia
  • CAntarctica
  • DSouth America


Land is divided into continents.

Pick the continent.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

What makes it a continent?

  • AIt is very large.
  • BIt is a continuous area of land.
  • CIt includes many countries.
  • DAll of the answers are correct.


How many continents are there?

  • A7 continents
  • B15 continents
  • C8 continents
  • D6 continents

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