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Lesson Worksheet: What Is Adaptation? Science

In this worksheet, we will practice defining adaptation, identifying its importance, and describing some examples of adaptations in extreme climates.


The has thick feathers on its body and a thick fat layer under its skin to keep its body warm.

  • Apenguin
  • Barctic fox
  • Cpolar bear
  • Dpanther chameleon


Polar bears’ white fur that helps them hide in the snow and attack their prey is a type of .

  • Amigration
  • Bextinction
  • Cecholocation
  • Dcamouflage


What is the scientific term for the process by which species change over many generations through mutation to help them survive and reproduce?

  • AAdaptation
  • BCommunication
  • CRespiration
  • DSensation


True or False: Most desert animals are covered with fur to keep them warm.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


A starred agama lizard to cool its body in hot sunny weather.

  • Ahides in shaded areas
  • Buses panting
  • Cuses large ears
  • Dmigrates to another place

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