Worksheet: Virus Life Cycles

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the lytic and lysogenic lifecycle of a virus.


Which of the following is not a disease caused by a virus?

  • AHIV
  • BGonorrhea
  • CMeasles
  • DThe common cold
  • EInfluenza


Which of the following statements about viruses is correct?

  • AVirus cells can be destroyed by taking antibiotics.
  • BViruses are unable to replicate outside of a living cell.
  • CViruses do not contain genetic material like other prokaryotes.
  • DViruses are unable to replicate.
  • EViruses contain a membrane-bound nucleus that holds their genetic material.


Some viruses are disease-causing microorganisms. What group do they belong to?

  • AEukaryotes
  • BProtozoa
  • CPathogens
  • DProkaryotes
  • EBacteria


Why do many scientists consider viruses to be nonliving?

  • ABecause they do not have a heartbeat
  • BBecause they cannot reproduce on their own
  • CBecause they are microorganisms
  • DBecause they do not contain any DNA


What do viruses require to reproduce?

  • AA virus of the opposite sex
  • BA warm environment
  • CA living host cell
  • DA dead host cell
  • E Another virus


In both the lysogenic and lytic life cycles of a virus, what does a virus inject into the host cell?

  • ACytoplasm
  • BSubcellular organelles
  • CToxins
  • DGenetic material
  • EEnzymes

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