Lesson Worksheet: Patterns of Motion Science • 3rd Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice predicting motion from the patterns of motion that we see.


A hammock is moving in the wind. It goes back and forth twice in 5 seconds.


How many swings (movements back and forth) would the hammock complete in 20 seconds? The pattern of its motion does not change.


Jacob drops a tennis ball from a height of 100 centimeters. The ball bounces to a height of 80 centimeters above the ground.

When Jacob drops the ball from a height of 90 centimeters, it bounces 65 centimeters above the ground.

How high will the ball bounce when Jacob drops it from a height of 110 centimeters? Choose the most likely answer.

  • A90 centimeters
  • B65 centimeters
  • C40 centimeters


Jacob uses a push force to slide a box across the floor. The box travels 4 meters before it stops.

Jacob’s friend Jennifer climbs inside the box and Jacob uses the same push force to slide the box.

A man pushes a girl sitting on cardboard box

Fill in the blank: The box will travel with Jennifer inside.

  • Afarther
  • Bthe same distance
  • Cless far

Why is that?

  • ABecause the mass that Jacob is pushing has not changed
  • BBecause the box is lighter with Jennifer inside it
  • CBecause the box is heavier with Jennifer inside it


A rocking chair moves back and forth once in 2 seconds.

Wooden rocking chair

If the pattern of the chair’s motion does not change, how long will it take for it to move back and forth 4 times?


Natalie is playing on a swing. The motion of this swing is a repeating pattern. At the moment, she is high in the air. What happens next?

Back image of a little girl sitting on a swing outdoor
  • AShe stays in this position.
  • BShe swings back downward.


Yara is jumping rope. The rope moves up, over her head, down, and under her feet.

Fitness woman

How does Yara know when to jump?

  • AThe rope only moves in one direction.
  • BThe rope moves in a predictable motion.
  • CThe rope does not move.


Amelia holds a beach ball outside her window and lets it go. It falls in a straight line toward the ground.

What do you predict will happen if she does the same with a baseball instead of a beach ball?

  • AThe baseball will fall in a circular motion toward the ground.
  • BThe baseball will fall in a straight line toward the ground.
  • CThe baseball will remain in the air and not fall toward the ground.


A class is investigating how a toy car travels when pushed down a wooden ramp. The car moves down the ramp and travels 55 centimeters from the foot of the ramp.

What do you predict would happen if they repeated the experiment using a ramp with a rough carpet surface? Fill in the blank. The toy car would travel .

  • Aa shorter distance
  • Bfaster
  • Ca longer distance
  • Dthe same distance


Mason has three books with different masses. He investigates how the books move across the floor.

He uses the same push force to send each book across the floor and measures how far they traveled.

Mass of Book (kg) 0.6 0.8 1.3
Distance Traveled (cm) 37 27 14

Fill in the blank: The the book, the farther it travels across the floor.

  • Alighter
  • Bheavier
  • Cbigger


Charlotte and Mia are playing with a soccer ball.

Predict what will happen when Charlotte kicks the soccer ball in a straight line.

  • AThe ball will move toward Charlotte.
  • BThe ball will not move.
  • CThe ball will move away from Charlotte and toward Mia.

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