Lesson Worksheet: Unit Multiples and Submultiples Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying common prefixes to SI units, including multiples (kilo, mega, etc.) and submultiples (milli, micro, etc.).


Which is bigger, a millimeter or a nanometer?

  • AA nanometer
  • BA millimeter


True or False: A picogram is bigger than a teragram.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Express the value 23.07 megawatts in watts as an ordinary number.


Order the units gigabyte, terabyte, megabyte, and kilobyte from least to greatest.

  • AKilobyte, gigabyte, megabyte, terabyte
  • BTerabyte, megabyte, gigabyte, kilobyte
  • CKilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte
  • DTerabyte, gigabyte, megabyte, kilobyte
  • EGigabyte, kilobyte, terabyte, megabyte


The teacher asked Mason and James which is greater, 6.2 decimeters or 5.3 micrometers. Mason said 6.2 decimeters, but James said 5.3 micrometers. Who is right?

  • AMason
  • BJames


Which of the following is the smallest unit?

  • AMillimeter
  • BMicrometer
  • CMegameter
  • DCentimeter
  • EDecimeter


How many joules are in a terajoule?

  • A10 joules
  • B10 joules
  • C10 joules
  • D10 joules
  • E10 joules


Using powers of ten, convert 5.7 gigawatts to watts.

  • A5.7×10 watts
  • B57×10 watts
  • C5.7×10 watts
  • D5.7×10 watts
  • E57×10 watts


How many bytes are in 6 terabytes? Express the answer as a power of ten.

  • A6×10 bytes
  • B6×10 bytes
  • C6×10 bytes
  • D6×10 bytes
  • E6×10 bytes


A rectangular piece of land has a perimeter of 6.84×10 km. Express this value in meters using powers of ten.

  • A6.84×10 m
  • B6.84×10 m
  • C6.84×10 m
  • D6.84×10 m
  • E6.84×10 m

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