Lesson Worksheet: The Medical Thermometer Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying and describing the medical thermometer and its uses.


Which of the following should you do first when taking your temperature?

  • ASterilize the thermometer before putting it away
  • BClean the thermometer with a tissue and ethyl alcohol
  • CShake the thermometer
  • DPut the thermometer under your tongue for 1 minute


Fill in the blank: Temperature is the measurement of how something is.

  • Aheavy or light
  • Bhot or cold
  • Clong or short
  • Dflexible or inflexible
  • Eshiny or dull


Charlotte is making a list of definitions for the keywords on the topic she is studying.

KeywordRS TUV
DefinitionIt is the measurement of how hot or cold something is.It is a device that measures temperature. For example, it can be used to measure the temperature of a liquid or the temperature of the human body. It is a device used to measure human temperature only. It is a bulb that holds mercury.It is a thin tube that mercury expands in.

What keyword best matches T?

  • ATemperature
  • BCapillary
  • CThermometer
  • DMercury bulb
  • EMedical thermometer


Fill in the blanks: A medical thermometer has a temperature range of C to C because it is used to measure human temperature.

  • A35, 42
  • B30, 45
  • C37, 42
  • D35, 37
  • E35, 47


A teacher asks her class why mercury is used in thermometers.

Pick the student who has answered incorrectly.

  • AJacob
  • BScarlett
  • CMatthew
  • DElizabeth
  • EDavid


Fill in the blank: The normal human body temperature is degrees Celsius.


Consider the thermometer below.

Which material is used in the thermometer to measure temperature?

  • AMercury
  • BWater
  • CNitrogen
  • DNone of the answers are correct.


Fill in the blank: In medical thermometers, we use mercury that when the temperature increases so we can read the temperature from the thermometer scale.

  • Aexpands
  • Bremains the same
  • Ccontracts


Consider the picture below.

Fill in the blank: This medical thermometer reads degreesCelsius.


What is the function of the capillary tube in the medical thermometer?

  • AIt is the place at the end of the thermometer that holds mercury.
  • BIt is the place in the medical thermometer that prevents mercury from going back into the mercury bulb.
  • CIt is the thin tube in the thermometer that lets mercury expand inside it.
  • DNone of the answers are correct.

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