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Worksheet: Introduction to Equations


Write the following algebraic expression as a verbal expression: 2 π‘š .

  • Atwo more than π‘š
  • Btwenty- π‘š
  • Cthe square of π‘š
  • Dtwo times π‘š


If the length of a rectangle is 9 + π‘₯ , and its width is π‘₯ , describe the relationship that exists between them.

  • AThe length is nine less than the width.
  • BThe length is nine times the width.
  • CThe length is nine less than nine times the width.
  • DThe length is nine more than the width.
  • EThe width is nine times the length.


Which of the following expressions could be written as 4 βˆ’ 3 π‘₯ ?

  • A4 minus the quotient of 3 and π‘₯
  • B4 less than the product of 3 and π‘₯
  • C4 reduced by the difference of 3 and π‘₯
  • D4 diminished by the product of 3 and π‘₯