Lesson Worksheet: Negative Numbers Eleven Plus

In this worksheet, we will practice performing calculations with negative numbers.


Alice is at a big train station. She’s having lunch on floor 3. Her train platform is on floor 1.

How many floors does Alice need to go down to take her train?

  • A6
  • B4
  • C3
  • D5
  • E2


The temperature at a research station in the North Pole decreases by 1.5C per week. Meanwhile, another research station in the South Pole increases by 2C per week. After 5 weeks, both research stations have the same temperature.

If the South Pole station started at 37C, what temperature did the North Pole station start at?

  • A27C
  • B19.5C
  • C22C
  • D34.5C
  • E39.5C


Which of the following numbers is the smallest?

  • A5
  • B0
  • C2
  • D1
  • E3


The freezing temperature of vinegar is 2C while that of olive oil is 4C less.

What is the melting temperature of olive oil?

  • A3C
  • B6C
  • C6C
  • D8C
  • E2C


In the night, the temperature was 7C. Now, it is 5C warmer.

What is the temperature now?

  • A2C
  • B2C
  • C7C
  • D12C
  • E12C


This time last year, the temperature outside Bridget’s house was 4C. Now, it is 7 degrees warmer. What is the temperature outside her house?

  • A11C
  • B4C
  • C2C
  • D10C
  • E3C


Which of the following numbers is the smallest?

  • A39
  • B42
  • C40
  • D41.5
  • E41


The dial shows the temperature of a liquid. During an experiment, it is cooled by 16C.

What is the temperature when cooled?

  • A14C
  • B10C
  • C12C
  • D18C
  • E16C


What temperature is shown on the dial?

  • A28C
  • B26C
  • C32C
  • D23C
  • E34C


A plane currently has a longitude of 4.5. Its longitude decreases at a rate of 8.5 per hour. What will its longitude be in 4 hours?

  • A29.5
  • B32
  • C16.5
  • D24.5
  • E20

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