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Lesson Worksheet: Stars and Galaxies Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the Milky Way and how the light-year can be used as a measure of the distances between stars in the galaxy.


The given picture shows a top-down view of the Milky Way.

Milky Way

Which of the following best describes the shape of the Milky Way?

  • AA spiral
  • BA circle
  • CA sphere


Approximately how long does it take the solar system to make one full orbit around the center of the galaxy?

  • ATens of thousands of years
  • BSeveral hundred thousand years
  • CThousands of years
  • DSeveral hundred million years
  • EHundreds of years


Complete the following sentence: A telescope makes distant objects appear .

  • Abluer
  • Bdimmer
  • Csmaller
  • Dlarger
  • Ebrighter


Complete the following sentence: The solar system .

  • Aorbits another star system
  • Borbits the center of the galaxy
  • Cdoes not orbit anything


Complete the following sentence: A galaxy is a collection of billions of .

  • Aplanets
  • Bstars


What is the name of the galaxy that our solar system is in?

  • ATriangulum
  • BAndromeda
  • CThe Milky Way


The given table lists four stars and how far away they are from the Sun.

StarSiriusTau CetiBarnard’s StarAlpha Centauri
Distance8.7 light-years11.8 light-years6.0 light-years4.4 light-years

Which star is closest to the Sun?

  • ATau Ceti
  • BBarnard’s Star
  • CSirius
  • DAlpha Centauri

Which star is furthest away from the Sun?

  • AAlpha Centauri
  • BSirius
  • CBarnard’s Star
  • DTau Ceti


Each of the following is a unit of distance. Which one is the largest?

  • ALight-year
  • BKilometer
  • CMile
  • DMillimeter
  • EMeter


Complete the following sentence: A light-year is equal to the distance that a beam of light would travel in .

  • A1 year
  • B1 hour
  • C1 minute
  • D1 day
  • E1 second


Complete the following sentence: A galaxy contains of stars.

  • Ahundreds
  • Bbillions
  • Cthousands
  • Dhundreds of thousands
  • Emillions

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