Worksheet: Place Value of Three-Digit Numbers

In this worksheet, we will practice using hundreds, tens, and ones to express numbers.


Fill in the table with whole numbers to get a result of 380.

Hundreds Tens Ones
  • A300, 80, 0
  • B8, 3, 0
  • C3, 80, 0
  • D3, 8, 0
  • E38, 0, 0


Using a place value grid, we can figure out the value of each digit.

To find the value of the 3 in 435, I can write the digits into the grid.

The 3 is in the tens column, so I know the 3 has the value of 3 tens which is the same as 30.

Use a grid to help you find the value of the 6 in 126.

  • A 6 hundreds
  • B 60
  • C 6 ones


If the number 49 is multiplied by 10, the digit 9 will end up in the place.

  • Ahundreds
  • Bones
  • Ctens

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