Worksheet: Ratios: Part to Part and Part to Whole

In this worksheet, we will practice solving problems with ratios by finding how many are in a part or the whole.


The ratio of red to yellow candies in a bag is 23. If the bag contains 12 yellow candies, how many red candies are there?

  • A18 red candies
  • B10 red candies
  • C8 red candies
  • D11 red candies
  • E13 red candies


The ages of a father and his son are in the ratio 83. If the father is 48 years old, how old is the son?


In a supermarket, the ratio of apples to bananas is 51. If there are 90 bananas, how many apples are there?


For a class of students, the ratio of blue eyes to brown eyes is 23. If 8 students have blue eyes, how many students have brown eyes?


The ratio of men to women in an office is 34. If there are 9 men in the office, how many women are there?

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