Lesson Worksheet: The Sun and the Stars Science

In this worksheet, we will practice defining stars and describing the Sun, which is part of our solar system.


True or False: The Sun is a star.

Sun global warming-500
  • AFalse
  • BTrue


What is at the center of our solar system?

Solar system-500
  • AThe Moon
  • BThe Sun
  • CEarth
  • DThe Milky Way


This is a photo of the night sky.

sky stars night background-edited

Why do the stars look so small from Earth?

  • AThey do not give out much light.
  • BThey are smaller than Earth.
  • CThey are very far away.

Our Sun is a star.

Complete the sentence: Our Sun looks so much bigger than the stars we see in the night sky because it is than all the other stars.

  • Abrighter
  • Bbigger
  • Ccloser to Earth


Is a star made from gas, rock, or ice?

  • AIce
  • BRock
  • CGas


Mia is describing a celestial body.

Is she describing the Sun, the Moon, or a planet?

  • AA planet
  • BThe Sun
  • CThe Moon


This is a photo of the Sun.

The sun in space-72ppi

Is the Sun a star, a planet, or a moon?

  • AA star
  • BA moon
  • CA planet


The image shows the Sun in space.

The Sun-72 ppi

What is the Sun?

  • AThe Sun is a comet.
  • BThe Sun is a star.
  • CThe Sun is a moon.
  • DThe Sun is a planet.


Fill in the blank: Relative to other stars, the Sun is a star.

  • Amedium-sized
  • Bsmall-sized
  • Clarge-sized


David and Amelia are discussing our Solar System. Which student is correct?

  • AAmelia
  • BDavid
  • CNeither student is correct.


Matthew is looking at the night sky. What does he observe?

  • AThe stars are far away in space.
  • BThe stars are close to Earth.
  • CThe stars are smaller than Earth.

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