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Lesson Worksheet: Bar Graphs with Fractional Data Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice drawing and reading bar graphs labeled in fraction values.


The table shows the distance covered by some cars in a race after 15 minutes.

Car Color Red Green Brown Blue
Distance (km) 234114124314

Draw a bar graph to represent the data in the table.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


The graph that can be used to represent the data below is a .

Ice-cream FlavorChocolateVanillaStrawberryMint
  • Aline plot
  • Bbar graph with fractional data
  • Csingle bar graph
  • Ddouble bar graph


The given bar graph represents the lengths of some colored ribbons in metres.

If the sum of the lengths of all the ribbons is 834 metres, then the length of the purple ribbon (as an improper fraction) is metres.

  • A32
  • B53
  • C54
  • D74


The bar graph represents the weights of the bags of some students in kilograms.

The total weight of Heba’s bag and Talin’s bag is equal to kg (as a decimal number).

  • A4.2
  • B5.4
  • C1.4
  • D4.4

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