Lesson Worksheet: The Celsius Thermometer Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying and describing the Celsius thermometer and its uses.


Complete the following: Anders Celsius created the .

  • Adigital thermometer
  • BFahrenheit scale
  • CCelsius scale
  • Dmedical thermometer


Complete the following: A Celsius thermometer is used to measure the temperature of .

  • Aan oven
  • Bliquids
  • Csolids
  • Doutside air


Put the words into the correct order to fill in the blanks: A thermometer has a temperature range of 0 to C, whereas a thermometer has a temperature range of to 42C.


When reading a Celsius thermometer, which position will give the most accurate temperature reading?

  • AY
  • BZ
  • CX


Which of these thermometers is a Celsius thermometer?

  • AX
  • BY


When reading a Celsius thermometer, it is important to be accurate.

Which setup of equipment is the most accurate?

  • A
  • B

Why is this the best setup?

  • ABecause the thermometer is upright
  • BBecause the thermometer is tilted


Fill in the blank: The boiling point of water is F.


Fill in the blanks: When taking a Celsius thermometer reading, the thermometer must be in a position and your eyes must be to the thermometer reading.

  • Ahorizontal, parallel
  • Bvertical, perpendicular
  • Cvertical, parallel
  • Dhorizontal, perpendicular


Which of the following is not found in a Celsius thermometer?

  • AConstriction
  • BLong glass tube
  • CMercury bulb
  • DCapillary tube


Fill in the blank: The capillary tube and the bulb of a Celsius thermometer are filled with .

  • Asugar solution
  • Ba gas
  • Cmercury
  • Dwater

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