Worksheet: Do All Plants Need Water to Survive?

In this worksheet, we will practice recognizing the relationship between water and plant survival.


Different plants need different amounts of water. Which of the plants in the table needs the most water?

Type of Plant Cactus Basil Banana Plant
How Often the Plant Needs Watering Once a week Every three to four days Daily
  • ACactus
  • BBasil
  • CBanana


Hannah and Victoria are talking about plants. Who do you think is correct?

  • AHannah
  • BVictoria


A class wanted to find out what would happen to a plant which had no water for a week. They observed the plant every two days and drew a picture of what they saw. Choose the correct word to complete their conclusion:

When plants do not have enough water they .

  • Awilt
  • Bseed
  • Cgrow

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