Worksheet: Area of Rectangles

In this worksheet, we will practice finding the areas of rectangles on unit grids using multiplication and solving problems to find the areas of rectangles.


Adding the number of squares in each row is one way of finding the area of an object.

Multiplication is much quicker.

Find the area of the rectangle using multiplication.


Jennifer drew a rectangle that was 9 inches long and 3 inches wide. Find the area of the rectangle by skip counting.


Is this true or false?

The area of a plane figure is the space around the outside.

  • Afalse
  • Btrue


This rectangle has 4 rows and 6 columns. Find the area.


Does the area of the large rectangle equal the sum of the areas of the three small rectangles?

  • Ano
  • Byes


Pick the rectangle with the greatest area.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


David had a rectangle with 6 rows and 7 columns. What was the area?

  • A49 square units
  • B13 square units
  • C42 square units
  • D26 square units
  • E12 square units


Jennifer wants to make a colorful patchwork quilt using square units. She will sew onto this rectangular piece of material that has a length of 8 and a width of 3.

Pick the quilt that has the same number of square units as the one she is going to make.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


A rectangle has length 7 and width 3. A student has drawn 7 squares for the length.

Next they need to show the width. What should they draw?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

What is the total area of the rectangle?

Hint: Think about how many squares will be in the finished drawing

  • A25 square units
  • B12 square units
  • C21 square units
  • D10 square units
  • E20 square units


A rectangle has a length of 11 units and a width of 6 units. A student has drawn the 11 squares for the length and the 6 for the width.

How many squares are missing from their drawing?

Find the total area of the shape.

  • A60 square units
  • B66 square units
  • C55 square units
  • D50 square units
  • E65 square units


Here are two rectangles. Their areas are not the same.

Which rectangle has the smaller area?

Use the diagrams to help you.

  • ARectangle 2
  • BRectangle 1


Continue skip counting to find the area of the rectangle.


Noah drew a rectangle and used 4 square tiles in the first row. Each tile is one square meter (m2). He placed another 5 rows under the first row.

What is the area of his shape in square meters?

Select the shape that shows Noah’s completed rectangle.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


David wants to create a rectangle with the largest area possible. He can choose his side lengths to be 1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches, or 4 inches.

Which measurements should David use?

  • A3 inches by 4 inches
  • B3 inches by 1 inch
  • C4 inches by 4 inches
  • D2 inches by 3 inches
  • E1 inch by 4 inches

Pick the shape that supports your solution.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


Mason is trying to find the area of his toy box. He is using square units to help him but has run out of tiles.

Which calculation can he use to find the area?

  • A2×7
  • B4×7
  • C8×7

What is the area of Mason’s toy box?


A schoolyard measures 6 meters by 5 meters. William has made a model of the schoolyard using 1-meter square units.

What is its area?


Pick the correct way to calculate the area of a rectangle with length 6 and width 2.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


Use repeated addition to find the area.

Pick the correct statement for the area of the rectangle.

  • A30×1
  • B5×5
  • C5+6+5+6
  • D5+6
  • E5×6


Here is a rectangle.

Write a multiplication sentence for the area of the given rectangle.

  • A2×5
  • B4×6
  • C4×5
  • D4×4
  • E2×7

What is the area of the rectangle, knowing that each unit square is a square unit?

  • A24 square units
  • B14 square units
  • C16 square units
  • D20 square units
  • E10 square units

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