Worksheet: Picture Graphs with Unit Scales

In this worksheet, we will practice drawing picture graphs, where each picture represents a count of one, and reading picture graphs to solve simple put-together, take-apart, and compare problems.


Read the graph to find the smallest number of pony rides an individual child had.


The graph shows the number of garden bugs observed in one hour.

What is the number of bees observed in that hour?


Which of the following graphs represents the set of balls in a sports shop?

  • A
  • B


The table shows how children came to school on Monday.

How Children Came to SchoolWalkCarBicycleBus
Number of Children7643

Which of the following graphs matches the table?

  • A
  • B


The tally chart shows a group of students’ favorite superheroes.

SuperheroWolverineSupermanWonder WomanSpider-Man
Number of Students

Which of the following graphs matches the tally chart?

  • A
  • B


The graph represents the number of toys in a toy shop. There are 30 toys in the shop.

How many ducks are in the toy shop?

Hint: Find how many should be added to the graph.


Which of the following sets of accessories does this graph represent?

  • A
  • B


The graph shows the number of items in an accessories shop.

Each symbol represents one item.

Use the picture graph to find the number of bags.

Number of Items6105

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