Worksheet: Word Problems: Taking Apart

In this worksheet, we will practice solving problems to find the number of objects in one part when one group of up to 10 objects is split into two parts.


There are 7 children on a bus. 1 is a girl. How many are boys?

  • A6 boys
  • B2 boys
  • C8 boys
  • D7 boys


There are 8 red and green cups. If 2 of them are green, how many red cups are there?


There are 6 apples, some are red and others are green.

2 of them are red.

How many green apples are there?


Victoria has 7 balloons. 3 of them pop.

Pick the calculation that tells you how many balloons are left.

  • A7+3
  • B74
  • C73
  • D4+3

How many balloons are left?


A group of 9 cats and dogs has 2 cats. How many dogs are in this group?


There are 10 balls. Some of them are red; the others are green.

If there are 2 green balls, write a subtraction expression to find how many balls are red.

  • A10+8
  • B10+2
  • C108
  • D102

How many balls are red?


There are 2 boys in a group of 9 children. How many girls are in this group?


Daniel has 9 apples. They are either red or green. If 3 of them are red, how many are green?


Ethan has 9 balloons. Some of them are red; the others are blue. He has 4 red balloons. How many blue balloons does he have?


Consider the following open and closed windows.

How many windows are there in total?

How many closed windows are there?

How many open windows are there?

Fill in the equation: windowsclosedwindowsopenwindows=.

  • A7, 4, 3
  • B7, 5, 2
  • C8, 5, 3
  • D8, 6, 2

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