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Lesson Worksheet: Preventing Floods Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying methods used to prevent flooding, analyzing ways technology can help prevent and deal with floods and describing how to use the design process to create an effective flood barrier.


In what way does a flood impact a community?

  • AHomes can be destroyed.
  • BCrops can be destroyed.
  • CPeople can get hurt.
  • DAll of the answers are correct.


Nada, Shady, and Engy are discussing ways to prevent flooding.

Which student is correct?

  • ANada
  • BShady
  • CEngy
  • DNone of them


Fill in the blank: A sandbag is used to .

  • Aprevent floodwater from entering a home or building
  • Bdivert floodwater away from cities
  • Cprevent rising water from entering a canal or river
  • Drelease water slowly back into a canal or river


Engy and Seif build their design for a barrier to prevent flooding. They test it and notice that a lot of water is passing through. What is the next step in the design process?

  • AThe idea
  • BBuilding
  • CPlanning
  • DImproving


Dina and Bassem’s class are creating models for barriers to flooding. They share their ideas for their design with their class.

Which step in the design process are they at?

  • ATesting
  • BBuilding
  • CPlanning
  • DMaterials


A picture of a city is taken after a flood.

A top view of a country after the flood

Fill in the blank: A camera can be useful in dealing with floods by showing .

  • Aonly the amount of damage caused
  • Bonly where the water went after the flood
  • Cthe people present in the area of the flood
  • Dthe amount of damage and where the water went after the flood


Disadvantages of methods used to prevent flooding are matched with the methods.

What should replace the question mark in the box?

  • AThey are quick to set up.
  • BVery few are needed.
  • CIt takes a lot of time to set them up.
  • DThey divert water.


A student is listing advantages of methods for preventing flooding.

Dams Sandbags Canals
Cost a lot to build Prevent water from entering homes easily Divert water

Which method has a disadvantage listed?

  • ADams
  • BCanals
  • CSandbags
  • DAll of the answers are correct.


The picture shows a way to prevent flooding.

What is this called?

  • AA dam
  • BA canal
  • CA sandbag
  • DNone of the answers are correct.

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