Worksheet: Noble Gases

In this worksheet, we will practice comparing the physical properties of noble gases and explaining their inertness in terms of electron shell filling.


Which of the following has the highest boiling point?

  • AHelium
  • BArgon
  • CNeon
  • DXenon
  • EKrypton


On descending Group 18 of the Periodic Table, what happens to the boiling points of the elements in their standard states?

  • AThey increase initially and then decrease.
  • BThey decrease.
  • CThey decrease initially and then increase.
  • DThey increase.


Which of the following is not a common property of noble gases?

  • ALow boiling point
  • BInert
  • CColorless
  • DFlammable
  • EMonatomic


Which of the following is the electron configuration of a noble gas?

  • A 2, 4
  • B 1
  • C 2, 6
  • D2, 8
  • E 2, 8, 2

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