Worksheet: Noble Gases

In this worksheet, we will practice comparing the physical properties of noble gases and explaining their inertness in terms of electron shell filling.


Which of the following has the highest boiling point?

  • AKrypton
  • BArgon
  • CHelium
  • DNeon
  • EXenon


On descending Group 18 of the Periodic Table, what happens to the boiling points of the elements in their standard states?

  • AThey increase initially and then decrease.
  • BThey decrease.
  • CThey increase.
  • DThey decrease initially and then increase.


Which of the following is not a common property of noble gases?

  • AColorless
  • BFlammable
  • CInert
  • DMonatomic
  • ELow boiling point


Which of the following is the electron configuration of a noble gas?

  • A1
  • B2, 8, 2
  • C2, 4
  • D2, 6
  • E2, 8


Which statement correctly describes why the boiling point of xenon is greater than that of neon?

  • ANeon is diatomic and has smaller intermolecular forces.
  • BThe attractive forces between xenon atoms are stronger.
  • CXenon atoms are less abundant in the atmosphere.
  • DXenon atoms have 8 electrons in their outer shell.
  • EXenon is a liquid at room temperature.


The boiling point of helium is 269C and the boiling point of argon is 186C. What is the boiling point of neon?

  • A62C
  • B108C
  • C290C
  • D246C
  • E153C


Which of the following elements is not a noble gas?

  • ARadium
  • BKrypton
  • CNeon
  • DXenon
  • EArgon


Which of the following is not a correct use of a noble gas?

  • AArgon can be used in lamps.
  • BHelium can be used to fill weather balloons.
  • CKrypton can be used to prevent rust.
  • DNeon can be used in advertising signs.
  • EArgon can be used in fire extinguishers.


Which statement best describes why noble gases are unreactive?

  • ATheir outer shells are filled with electrons.
  • BTheir outer energy levels are not filled with electrons.
  • CThey have an even number of electrons.
  • DThey are monatomic.
  • EThey are unstable atoms.


Which of the following statements about noble gases is incorrect?

  • AAll noble gases have 8 electrons in their outer shell.
  • BAll noble gases are nonflammable.
  • CAll noble gases are monatomic.
  • DAll noble gases are inert.
  • EAll noble gases are colorless.


Considering their position in the periodic table, what class of elements do noble gases belong to?

  • ANonmetals
  • BTransition metals
  • CMetalloids
  • DMetals
  • EAlkali metals


Which of the following atomic structures belongs to an atom of a noble gas?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

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