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Worksheet: Halogens


Halogens can generally be found as diatomic molecules (e.g., I 2 ). What type of bonding occurs in these molecules?

  • AMetallic
  • BIonic
  • CCovalent


Which of the following is not a property of the halogens?

  • AThey are poor electrical conductors.
  • BThey are colored.
  • CThey have low melting points.
  • DThey are good thermal conductors.
  • EThey have low boiling points.


Which of the following is a halogen?

  • AArsenic
  • BSelenium
  • CGermanium
  • DAstatine
  • EThallium


As halogens increase in atomic number, which of the following trends is observed?

  • AMelting point decreases.
  • BBoiling point decreases.
  • CAtomic radius decreases.
  • DReactivity decreases.
  • EToxicity increases.