Lesson Worksheet: Weather Patterns Science • 3rd Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice collecting data about the weather, describing weather patterns, and making predictions.


This instrument is used to measure air pressure.

aneroid barometer

What is the name of this instrument?

  • AThermometer
  • BBarometer
  • CRain gauge


There are many different types of weather. This photo shows sunny weather.

blue sky and sun1

Choose the photo that shows rainy weather.

  • A
    Country road in a snow storm
  • B
    Blue sky background with clouds
  • C
    heavy rain and tree in the parking lot1


Meteorologists send this object into the air to help them collect data about the weather.

A white weather balloon.

What is the object called?

  • AA weather satellite
  • BA weather balloon
  • CA weather vane


Scientists who study the weather are called meteorologists. They use special instruments to collect data about the weather.

This instrument is called an anemometer.


What is an anemometer used for?

  • AMeasuring humidity
  • BMeasuring air pressure
  • CMeasuring wind speed


What does a thermometer measure?

  • ATemperature
  • BRainfall
  • CWind direction
  • DAir pressure


The study of weather is known as .

  • Ameteorology
  • Bbiology
  • Castronomy
  • Dgastronomy


What does a hygrometer measure?

  • AHumidity
  • BTemperature
  • CRain fall
  • DWind speed


Rain is a form of precipitation. Which of the following is not another form of precipitation?

  • AThunder
  • BHail
  • CSleet
  • DSnow


This is a hygrometer. The reading on a hygrometer shows us the humidity of the air.


Fill in the blank: Humidity is a measure of how much there is in the atmosphere.

  • Aprecipitation
  • Bair pressure
  • Cwater vapor


Read this statement.

Weather is the day-to-day conditions of atmosphere at a certain time and place.

Is the statement true or false?

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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