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Lesson Worksheet: Speed Science

In this worksheet, we will practice defining, calculating, and describing factors affecting speed.


When the speed of an object decreases, the time taken by this object to travel a certain distance .

  • Adecreases
  • Bstays the same
  • Cincreases
  • Dbecomes zero


All of the following are physical characteristics of a cheetah that help it to run fast except for its .

  • Aleg muscles
  • Bspring-like spine
  • Cfur color
  • Doversized heart


A ship travels 80 kilometres across the sea in 2 hours. Calculate the speed of the ship.

  • A4 km/h
  • B8 km/h
  • C40 km/h
  • D20 km/h


A truck’s speed is a car’s speed when they travel the same distance at the same time.

  • Adouble
  • Bless than
  • Cequal to
  • Dmore than


As the steepness of the ramp increases, the speed of a moving toy car .

  • Astays the same
  • Bbecomes zero
  • Cincreases
  • Ddecreases

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