Worksheet: Bearing in Trigonometry

In this worksheet, we will practice solving bearings problems using trigonometry.


Daniel runs east from point O at 4 km/h, and Benjamin runs south from point O at 10 km/h. After 30 min they stop running; find the bearing that would take Daniel to Benjamin. Round to one decimal place.


A boat sails from point A with bearing 120∘. After the boat sails 10 km, how far south of point A is it? Round to two decimal places if required.


𝐴, 𝐡, and 𝐢 are three ports.

Find the bearing from 𝐢 to 𝐡.

Find the bearing from 𝐴 to 𝐢.

Find the bearing from 𝐡 to 𝐴.


𝐴, 𝐡, and 𝐢 are three points. The bearing of 𝐴 from 𝐡 is 45∘. The bearing of 𝐢 from 𝐴 is 135∘. If 𝐴𝐡=4km and 𝐴𝐢=3km, what is the bearing of 𝐡 from 𝐢 to the nearest degree?


Liam has traveled 12 km to the north and then he traveled 10 km to the east. Find Liam’s bearing from his starting point to his endpoint, to one decimal place.

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