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Lesson Worksheet: Climate Zones Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying world climate zones and making calculations about precipitation.


In which climate zone is precipitation found mainly in solid form?

  • APolar
  • BTemperate
  • CTropical
  • DMountain


Fill in the blank: In the zone, it is hot and humid year-round, plants grow quickly, and rainforests can be found.

  • Apolar
  • Btropical
  • Ctemperate
  • Dmountain


If it rains an equal amount each day for a total of 35 mm over 7 days, how much does it rain each day?


Isabella describes different climate zones on some sticky notes.

Which of the notes describes the mountain zone?

  • AThe blue note
  • BThe green note
  • CThe yellow note
  • DThe red note


Which of these pictures describes a polar zone?

  • A
    Cracks on the surface of the blue ice.
  • B
    Amazing sunset at savannah plains in Tsavo East National Park, Kenya
  • C
    Tropical jungles of Southeast Asia in august.
  • D
    Natural and beautiful cliff with the sea


Look at the climate zones that are matched with the forms of water found in them.

Which zone or zones are correctly matched?

  • ATropical and temperate
  • BTemperate
  • CTemperate and polar
  • DPolar


Some students are describing different climate zones.

Who is describing the temperate zone?

  • ADaniel
  • BNatalie
  • CMia
  • DJackson


Look at the world map. Four different cities are labeled.

Which city has the coldest climate?

  • ACity 1
  • BCity 4
  • CCity 2
  • DCity 3

Why does this city have the coldest climate?

  • ABecause it is the farthest from the equator
  • BBecause it is the closest to a body of water
  • CBecause it is the closest to the equator
  • DBecause it is the farthest from a body of water


The meteorologist is forecasting the weather.

How much rain is expected to fall over the 6-day period?

  • A48 cm
  • B48 mm
  • C8 mm
  • D8 cm

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