Worksheet: Adding Numbers up to 20 on a Number Line

In this worksheet, we will practice adding within 20 by jumping forward in ones on a number line.


Use the number line to complete the following addition sentence.


On this number line, Elizabeth started at 13 and counted forward until she reached 18.

Which number sentence describes what Elizabeth did?

  • A13+5=18
  • B184=14
  • C13+3=18
  • D13+1=18
  • E185=13


I start at a number and count forward. Does this represent adding or subtracting?

  • Aadding
  • Bsubtracting


Count on to add.

Find the total.


Count on to add.

Find the total.


Olivia was playing a game. First, she moved her counter 4 spaces forward. Then, she moved it 7 spaces forward.

How many spaces from the start is her counter?


On this number line, Sophia started at 4 and counted forward three.

Which of the following describes what Sophia did?

  • AShe added four.
  • BShe added three.
  • CShe added seven.
  • DShe took away three.
  • EShe took away seven.


Find the number sentence that matches this number line.

  • A3 + 4 = 8
  • B8 − 4 = 4
  • C3 + 5 = 8
  • D8 − 5 = 3
  • E3 + 3 = 8


Fill in the missing number.

Use the number line if you need to.


Fill in the missing number.

Use the number line if you need to.


Fill in the missing number.

Use the number line if you need to.


To find the sum of 11+6, we can use a number line.

  • Start at 11
  • Count on 6
  • Land on 17

So, we now know that 11+6=17.

Use a number line to find the sum of 13+6.


Count on to add.

Mia started this calculation on a number line. Finish the calculation to find the total.


Count on to add.

Find the total.


Consider the following figure.

What sum does this diagram represent?

  • A2+(8)=6
  • B2+(4)=2
  • C2+6=8
  • D2+(6)=4
  • E2+4=6

What is the distance between the first addend (2) and the sum?

  • A|8|
  • B|6|
  • C|2|
  • D|4|


We can add numbers on number lines by thinking about length.

Anthony took a bar of length 13 and added a bar of length 6. Read how he showed this on the number line.

Write an addition equation to show what he did.

  • A136=7
  • B13+6=18
  • C13+6=19


What is 7 plus 4?


Write the addition equation.

  • A5+3=2
  • B2+1=5
  • C2+3=5

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