Worksheet: Rounding Numbers to the Nearest 1000

In this worksheet, we will practice rounding four-digit numbers to the nearest thousand using tools such as number lines, base ten blocks, and hundred charts.


Complete the table below.

Number Number Rounded to the Nearest 10 Number Rounded to the Nearest 100 Number Rounded to the Nearest 1 0 0 0
  • A 8,380, 8,400, 8,000
  • B 8,370, 8,400, 8,000
  • C 8,370, 8,300, 8,000
  • D 8,380, 8,300, 8,000


Round 7 4 1 2 to the nearest thousand.


What is the closest number to 7,000 that can be formed from 4 different digits using 0, 5, 7, and 4?


Rearrange the digits of the number 7,013 to get a 4-digit number that is as close as possible to 1,000.


Round 4 3 5 8 to the nearest thousand.


The average person blinks about 900 times an hour.

By rounding the number of hours in a day to the nearest ten, estimate how many times a person blinks in a day.

Is this estimate more or less than the actual number of times a person blinks in a day?

  • ALess
  • BMore

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