Lesson Worksheet: Rounding to the Nearest Thousand Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice rounding whole numbers within 10,000 to the nearest thousand by identifying the hundreds numbers it is between on a number line.


Round 7,412 to the nearest thousand.


Round 4,358 to the nearest thousand.


Which of the following numbers can be rounded to 2,000 when rounding to the nearest thousand?

  • A2,348
  • B1,476
  • C2,602
  • D2,764


This is a rounding robot. It rounds any number you put in to the nearest thousand.

What number will come out?

What number will come out?


When we round to the nearest thousand, we underline the thousands digit and then check the hundreds digit. The hundreds digit tells us whether to round the thousands up or down. Notice the example given.

Now, we want to round the number 3,862. Which digit do we underline?

Which digit do we check?

What is the result of rounding 3,862 to the nearest thousand?


Which of the following number lines represents 2,579 to the nearest thousand?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


James, Liam, and Daniel are playing a video game. This table shows their scores.


Which one of them has the score of 3,000 if we round their score to the nearest thousand?

  • ADaniel
  • BJames
  • CLiam


Benjamin has $6,624. He wants to round this number to the nearest thousand.

Complete: The number 6,624 is between and .

  • A6,000, 7,000
  • B4,000, 5,000
  • C5,000, 6,000
  • D7,000, 8,000

How much money, to the nearest thousand, does Benjamin have?


James has $2,315. Michael has $2,517.

Round the money James has to the nearest thousand.

Round the money Michael has to the nearest thousand.


An electronic devices store is selling the items shown.

Estimate the price of the PC to the nearest thousand.

Estimate the price of the laptop to the nearest thousand.

Estimate the price of the TV to the nearest thousand.

Which 2 items have the same rounded price?

  • AThe laptop and the TV
  • BThe PC and the laptop
  • CThe PC and the TV

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