Worksheet: Angles and Right Angles

In this worksheet, we will practice recognizing and defining angles, identifying right angles, and making angles that are bigger or smaller than a given angle.


At which of these times do the clock hands form a right angle?

  • A7 o’clock
  • B9 o’clock
  • C1 o’clock
  • D11 o’clock


How many right angles are there in the figure?


Pick the shape that Isabella is describing.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


Which point is the vertex of the angle?

  • A𝑆
  • B𝑅
  • C𝑇


Complete using “more” or “less”: The given angle is than a right angle.

  • Amore
  • Bless


How many of the given shapes have at least one right angle?

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