Practice: Applications on Systems of Inequalities

A shepherd wants to build a rectangular sheep barn. The length of the barn must be more than 88 m and its perimeter must be less than 253 m. Derive the system of inequalities that describes the situation, denoting the length of the barn by 𝑥 and its width by 𝑦.

  • A𝑥>88, 𝑦>0, 2(𝑥+𝑦)<253
  • B𝑥88, 𝑦>0, 2(𝑥+𝑦)<253
  • C𝑥<88, 𝑦<0, 2(𝑥+𝑦)<253
  • D𝑥>88, 𝑦>0, 𝑥+𝑦>253
  • E𝑥>88, 𝑦<0, 𝑥+𝑦<253

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