Worksheet: Properties of Squares

In this worksheet, we will practice solving problems using the properties of squares.


What is the name for a rhombus in which one of the angles is a right angle?

  • Aa square
  • Ba rectangle
  • Ca triangle


Given that 𝐴𝐵𝐶𝐷 is a square whose perimeter is 232 cm, find the lengths of 𝐴𝐵 and 𝐶𝐸. Then find the area of 𝐸𝐷𝐵.

  • A𝐴𝐵=58cm, 𝐶𝐸=29cm, area of 𝐸𝐷𝐵=1,682cm
  • B𝐴𝐵=15.23cm, 𝐶𝐸=7.62cm, area of 𝐸𝐷𝐵=232.11cm
  • C𝐴𝐵=58cm, 𝐶𝐸=29cm, area of 𝐸𝐷𝐵=841cm
  • D𝐴𝐵=15.23cm, 𝐶𝐸=7.62cm, area of 𝐸𝐷𝐵=116.05cm
  • E𝐴𝐵=15.23cm, 𝐶𝐸=7.62cm, area of 𝐸𝐷𝐵=58.03cm


Are the two diagonals of a square perpendicular?

  • ANo
  • BYes


Is the sum of two consecutive angles in squares and rhombuses equal to 180?

  • Ano
  • Byes


Which of the following statements must be true about a square?

  • AAll these statements are true.
  • BIt has four right angles.
  • CIt has two pairs of parallel opposite sides.
  • DIt has four sides of equal length.


In the square of the figure, 𝐴𝐵 is 160 cm long, what is the length of 𝑀𝐶?


Find the perimeter of the square 𝐴𝐵𝐶𝐷 below, and determine 𝑚𝐸𝐶𝐷 if 𝑚𝐵𝐶𝐸=70.

  • A240 cm, 90
  • B240 cm, 20
  • C120 cm, 45
  • D120 cm, 70


Is the following statement true or false? In a square, all angles are right angles and all sides are equal in length.

  • Afalse
  • Btrue


What is the measure of any angle in a square?


In which of the following shapes are all the sides the same length?

  • Asquare
  • Btrapezoid
  • Cparallelogram
  • Drectangle


Does a square have right angles?

  • ANo
  • BYes


Are the opposite sides of a square parallel?

  • ANo
  • BYes


Are any of the angles in a square 45?

  • Ano
  • Byes


All squares .

  • Aare similar
  • Bhave the same area
  • Care not similar
  • Dare congruent


Are the sides of a square equal in length?

  • Ayes
  • Bno


What can you say about the diagonals of a square?

  • AThey are just perpendicular.
  • BThey are perpendicular and equal in length.
  • CThey are neither perpendicular nor equal in length.
  • DThey are just equal in length.


Is it true that all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares?

  • Ayes
  • Bno


Olivia draws a quadrilateral with 4 equal sides and 4 right angles. What quadrilateral is it?

  • Aa rectangle
  • Ba cube
  • Ca square
  • Da triangle
  • Ea pyramid


𝐴𝐵𝐶𝐷 is a square. Are 𝐴𝐶 and 𝐵𝐷 parallel or perpendicular?

  • Aparallel
  • Bperpendicular


𝐴𝐵𝐶𝐷 is a square. Are 𝐴𝐷 and 𝐵𝐶 parallel or perpendicular?

  • Aparallel
  • Bperpendicular


In the square 𝐴𝐵𝐶𝐷, are 𝐴𝐵 and 𝐵𝐶 perpendicular or parallel?

  • Aperpendicular
  • Bparallel


Determine whether the following statement is true or false: A rectangle is a square.

  • Afalse
  • Btrue


Determine whether the following statement is true or false: A square is a rhombus.

  • Atrue
  • Bfalse


Determine whether the following statement is true or false: A square is a parallelogram.

  • Atrue
  • Bfalse


Determine whether the following statement is true or false: A square is a rectangle.

  • Afalse
  • Btrue

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