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Worksheet: Calculating the Net Electric Field of Multiple Point Charges


Two equal sized charged spheres, Sphere A and Sphere B have charges of and respectively. The spheres are separated by a straight-line distance . The net electric field produced by spheres has a null point along at a distance of m from Sphere A. What is the ratio of the magnitude of the charge of Sphere B to that of Sphere A?

  • A =
  • B =
  • C =
  • D =
  • E =


Point charges and are placed 1.0 m apart. The point is at the midpoint of the two charges’ positions.

What is the magnitude of the electric field produced by the charges at ?

  • A N/C
  • B N/C
  • C N/C
  • D N/C
  • E N/C

What magnitude force would act on a charge if it was located at ?


Two fixed point charges each have magnitudes of C. The charges are located at on the -axis at the positions and . A charge is placed at the origin and the resultant electric field of the three charges is zero at a point on the -axis where . Find the magnitude of .

  • A C
  • B C
  • C C
  • D C
  • E C


Point charges are placed at the four corners of a rectangle as shown. The charges’ magnitudes are: What is the electric field in the plane of the rectangle at the point ?