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Lesson Worksheet: Expressions, Equations, and Variables Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying the difference between an expression and an equation and using a letter or a symbol to represent an unknown in expressions and equations.


A letter or symbol that represents a number in an equation or expression is called a .

  • Apattern
  • Bmultiple
  • Cvariable
  • Dfactor


The difference between the heights of a door and a window is 1.06 m and the height of the door is 2.1 m. The height of the door is greater than the height of the window. If the height of the window is 𝑤, then the equation that describes this is .

  • A2.1𝑤=1.06
  • B𝑤=2.1+1.06
  • C2.1+𝑤=1.06
  • D𝑤2.1=1.06


A mathematical phrase without an equal sign is called .

  • Aa pattern
  • Ban unknown
  • Can equation
  • Dan expression


Knowing that Mariam wrote the equation 52.6+45.9=𝑥 such that the two numbers on the left side represent the weights of Mariam and her sister, then 𝑥 in the equation represents .

  • Athe weight of Mariam’s sister
  • Bthe weight of Mariam
  • Cthe difference between Mariam’s weight and her sister’s
  • Dthe sum of the weights of Mariam and her sister

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