Worksheet: NMR Splitting Patterns

In this worksheet, we will practice determining molecular structure from NMR splitting patterns and assigning multiplicities based on peak intensities.


Which of the following correctly describes the relative intensities of splitting an NMR peak?

  • AQuartet—1441
  • BTriplet—131
  • CPentet—13531
  • DSextet—15101051


Which of the following causes the splitting of energy levels in the presence of a magnetic field?

  • APauli exclusion principle
  • BSymmetry degeneracy
  • CThe Zeeman effect
  • DFermi contact interaction
  • EBose–Einstein effect


A 19F NMR spectrum at room temperature reveals one well-defined peak. When cooled slightly, the peak becomes broadened. At N2(𝑙) temperature, two well-defined peaks are apparent. What is responsible for these observations?

  • AInteger quantum spin numbers (𝐼=1,2,3,)
  • BSpin–spin coupling interactions
  • CLow natural abundances of the 19F nucleus
  • DFractional quantum spin numbers (𝐼=1/2,3/2,5/2)
  • EDynamic fluxionality


What is the most likely cause of fluxional behavior in the NMR spectrum of Fe(CO)5, iron pentacarbonyl?

  • ADissociation and recoordination of the carbonyl ligands
  • BOpening and closing of bridging carbonyls
  • CMonomer-dimer formation with a bridging carbonyl
  • DRotation of a hindered carbonyl bond
  • EIsomerism between trigonal bipyramidal and square pyramidal configurations

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