Worksheet: Estimating and Measuring Customary Units of Capacity

In this worksheet, we will practice measuring and estimating capacity using customary units of capacity and using this to solve real-world problems.


Rania wants to measure the capacity of a bucket as accurately as she can. Should she measure its capacity to the nearest gallon, quart, pint, cup, or fluid ounce?

  • A to the nearest pint
  • B to the nearest cup
  • C to the nearest quart
  • D to the nearest fluid ounce
  • Eto the nearest gallon


Would it be faster to fill a sink with a gallon container or a quart container?

  • A gallon container
  • B quart container


Bassem wants to know how much water he uses when he takes a 10 minutes shower. Would it be most appropriate to measure the amount of water in fluid ounces, cups, or gallons?

  • Afluid ounces
  • Bcups
  • Cgallons


Would it be faster to fill a sink with a quart container or a cup container?

  • A quart container
  • B cup container


Sameh showers for 10 minutes. Has he used about 80 cups or 150 gallons of water?

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