Lesson Worksheet: Making Salts by Neutralization Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing a neutralisation reaction between an acid and a base.


Which of the following acids should be used to make chloride salts in a neutralization reaction?

  • ACarbonic acid
  • BPhosphoric acid
  • CSulfuric acid
  • DHydrochloric acid
  • ENitric acid


A teacher makes up a weak solution of acid and a concentrated solution of alkali. A student then mixes together 25 mL of the two solutions. What would the likely pH of the resulting solution be?

  • ASeven
  • BGreater than seven
  • CLess than seven


Which of the following salts is produced when nitric acid is reacted with sodium hydroxide?

  • ASodium nitrate
  • BSodium nitrite
  • CSodium nitride


What is the name for a chemical reaction where an acid and a base react together?

  • AA combination reaction
  • BAn endothermic reaction
  • CA decomposition reaction
  • DA combustion reaction
  • EA neutralization reaction


What product is always produced in any neutralization regardless of what acid and base are used?

  • ACarbon dioxide
  • BAcid
  • CWater
  • DHydrogen
  • EAlkali


What is the pH of a solution expected to be at the point of neutralization when sodium hydroxide is neutralized by hydrochloric acid?


Which of the following equations shows the correct symbol equation for the reaction between nitric acid and sodium hydroxide?

  • AHNO+NaOHNaN+H332
  • BHNO+NaOHNaN+HO332
  • CHNO+NaONaNO+HO3232
  • DHNO+NaOHNaNO+H332


A student has a beaker containing some dilute sodium hydroxide. Into the beaker, the student places the end of a pH probe and then starts to slowly add some dilute hydrochloric acid.

At various points during the addition of the acid, the student takes measurements from the pH probe and uses the information to plot the following graph. At which point on the graph, indicated by an oval, does neutralization occur?

  • A3
  • B4
  • C5
  • D2
  • E1


The diagram shows two beakers, one containing hydrochloric acid (HCl) and the other containing sodium hydroxide (NaOH).

Which of the following beakers shows the resulting solution when beakers A and B are combined?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


A farmer measures the pH of his soil and finds out that the pH is 5.5 when in fact it should be closer to 7.

Which of the following soil treatments could the farmer consider using to improve the pH of his soil to grow better crops?

  • ASoil treatment 2
  • BSoil treatment 3
  • CSoil treatment 1

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