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Worksheet: Predicting the Actions of a Larger Group Using a Sample


A random sample of 80 school students were asked to vote for their preferred sport and the results are shown in the table. If the whole school contains 700 students, how many are expected to prefer football?

Game Football Basketball Table Tennis Swimming
Number of Students 32 24 8 16


A survey of 80 students found that 40 students preferred biology, 24 preferred chemistry, and 16 preferred physics If there are 200 students in the whole school, how many are expected to prefer biology?


The table shows the results from a survey where 20 students from a school were asked to pick their favorite fruit from 3 options. By calculating the experimental probability that a student’s favorite fruit is an orange, calculate how many of the 400 students in the school, would choose an orange as their favorite.

Fruit Apple Banana Orange
Number of Students 10 2 8