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Lesson Worksheet: Nutrients: Categorizing Food Science

In this worksheet, we will practice categorizing different foods and comparing and contrasting processed and fresh foods.


Fill in the blank: Processed foods are foods that .

  • Aare all very unhealthy
  • Bare whole foods
  • Chave not been changed
  • Dhave been changed in some way


Fill in the blanks: Processed foods can be unhealthy because they can contain a lot of extra added and .

  • Awater, nutrients
  • Bsalt, sugar
  • Cvitamins, minerals
  • Dprotein, fiber


A teacher asks her class to explain some benefits of processed foods.

Which pupil suggests a benefit of processed foods?

  • ADavid
  • BEthan
  • CIsabella
  • DAll of them


Applesauce can be made from fresh apples.

Jars of fresh apple sauce with red apples.

Which more likely has more sugar?

  • AFresh apples
  • BApplesauce

Which will spoil quicker?

  • AApplesauce
  • BFresh apples


Natalie is researching the drawbacks of fresh foods.

Which website describes a drawback of fresh foods?

  • AWebsite 3
  • BWebsite 1
  • CWebsite 2
  • DAll of the answers are correct.


Emma is learning about fresh and processed foods. She writes down what she learns on four sticky notes.

Which color sticky note describes a benefit of fresh foods?

  • AThe yellow sticky note
  • BThe pink sticky note
  • CThe white sticky note
  • DThe blue sticky note


Sometimes, we cannot find fresh fruits or vegetables because they are out of season.

Which of these are alternatives to fresh fruits or vegetables?

  • ADried figs
  • BFrozen peas
  • CCanned corn
  • DAll of the answers are correct.


Potato chips can be made from fresh potatoes.

Potato chips

Which are likely to have more salt?

  • APotatoes
  • BChips

Which are healthier?

  • APotatoes
  • BChips


Isabella made three shopping lists for food she needed to buy.

Which list contains only fresh food?

  • AList 3
  • BList 1
  • CList 2
  • DNone of them


Select the correctly labeled food.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

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